is a truck driver by trade. He has owned his own trucking business & helped others establish and build their own businesses. Dave has always had business ideas on his mind and decided to start Green Rides USA after seeing the need in this area. He loves people and driving so this was the perfect choice for him.


is Dave’s wife and co-owner in Green Rides. She is the retired bookkeeper. She retired from a full time job in 2016.  She does all the booking and billing. She does a few short trips in an emergency.


is Dave and Linda’s oldest child he worked his way through college working as service writer for Acura among other jobs. After seeing Green Rides receiving more & more attention and growing quickly he decided to join the family business. He is now married and has 2 children a son and daughter. Mike has become a crucial part of our success.  In 2015 Mike decided to use his college degree and help others.  He is now working in health care.  He still works some weekends to help us out.   We are very proud of his accomplishments.